He blocked me….. HOW RUDE – LOL!!!!

These stories are always the same but have different twists here and there.  Well this guy didn’t stand a chance with me. I stomped on him right away.  Didn’t feel like “playing the game”.  LOL!!


In red on my last text where it shows it didn’t go through, that means he blocked me.  Shame on him.  Only I can do the blocking.  LOL!!!!
Now allow me to introduce you to the guy who says him name is Roy but we know he’s lying.  LOL!!!

Something I’ve notice probably the last couple of months is now I am getting guys contact me on Twitter and Facebook.  On Facebook I get friend requests from guys I don’t know.  Today was one from a military guy.  DELETE! 
My twitter account is for my blog here and I post my blog there often.  So you would think they’d read it before contacting me.  NOPE!
So beware of people on social media that you know.  Don’t accept Facebook friend requests from someone you don’t know. 
And that’s today’s tale. 

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  1. Another curious thing, if you search Facebook by your contacts (If you've exchanged numbers with these guys), all sorts of folks come up that you've never communicated with according to their photos. These are facebook pages of the scammers themselves. I've messaged them on Messenger and have gotten blocked by them.


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