He told me to “F” off! Wah!!!

Well this one went quick.  It seems when you ask the AWESOME question “Can you take a picture of yourself  holding up a sign with today’s date on it?”  Here are the responses I get when I ask this question.

  • “I can’t right now, but I will later hon”
  • Why?  Why should I do that?”
  • “We’re not allowed cameras when we’re deployed”
  • They block me right away
  • NEW:  They tell you to F off.  LOL!!!

Some of you may be saying this one doesn’t sound like a scammer.  But from my experience (and research) when they start off with compliments like this, they are fake.

So allow me to introduce you to:  Rupert David.

Rupert DavidRupert David pic

He will be added to the Liars Wall of Disdain.  And I checked my wall and he is already there in this same picture.  I knew I saw him before.  I love it when I’m right.  🙂


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