“Kelvin the Liar” – But aren’t they all?

A few weeks ago I learned about a really cool app from my friend Candi.  It’s called Reversee.  It’s free on your iPhone.  What it does is when you save a picture on your phone and you open the app and pull in the picture you want in there.  What it does it search the internet for this picture or others that look like the person.  It could show you their facebook, twitter etc.  Well I tried this a couple of times and it didn’t find anyone.  BUT WAIT… It work this this time and just at the right moment I through the screen shots in on what I found.  Enjoy!!


Ladies (and guys) download this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Gee I feel for this guy…. he has lost his heart to you, lost at sea, lost his ability to form a sentence ! And you want to claim that he is a three time loser !!! Ha ha ha well you are prob right!!!


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