In August 2016, I decided to try online dating to meet a man.  Well the stories I have were so crazy I started a blog about it.  I’ve had over 30+ guys who claim to be in the army and aren’t contacting me.  I have other liars as well.  I was also interviewed by Channel 5 St. Louis on February 14, 2017 about my blog.

I never sent anyone money but I am trying to get the word out about this and make sure women (and men) don’t fall for these scammers.  In recent months I have guys contacting me on Twitter and Instagram.  Same story.  They’re in the army, they are deployed, their wife has died and their child stays with a nanny or a friend etc.  They sweet talk you and fall in love with you instantly.  They go after the women they think are lonely and desperate.  Funny thing is they don’t know is I am the least lonely and desperate person.  It cracks me up.

My blog has all the stories and pictures of most of the scammers I’ve encountered.  Some I play along with to see what would happen and others I shut down instantly.

The best question you can ask them is “Take a picture of yourself holding up 3 fingers.”  This is to prove they are real and not fake.  So far no one has done this.  I either get blocked right away by them or they want to sweet talk or I actually had one guy recently to tell me to F-off. 

Please help me spread the word. 

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